Trust Administration

A trust holds a person’s property (real estate, personal property, bank accounts, vehicles and businesses) and upon that person’s death the property is distributed as directed by the trust. A trust does not require a probate. Often, all that a trustee needs is assistance in distributing the property and providing all required accountings. Other times disputes arise over the trustee’s handling of the property. We have experience in representing both trustees and beneficiaries in these matters.
Specifically, our firm, Donald K. Coppa, Ltd., provides the following services:
– Assist the trustee in the distribution of assets
– Represent the trustee when a trust is administered by the court
– Represent the trustee when there are disputes
– Represent beneficiaries when there are disputes
– Ensure that a beneficiary’s interests are protected
– Provide representation in contests over the validity of the trust
– Provide representation in any trust litigation